Mar 7, 2017

I LOVE YAKINIKU & Nikugen opened a new store in Roppongi Tokyo

If you guys know me. You know I love Yakiniku

Yakiniku is Japanese name for what some call "Korean bbq" but its not really Korean because Korean BBQ is done differently.  To keep with the mood of Korea, Japanese Yakiniku often includes kimchi and korean nori.

I LOVE yakiniku. For those who don't know what it is or how to do it. Its basically slices of meat that you order, and grill on a little BBQ on the table at your restaurant.

Yesterday me and a bunch of YouTubers got invited to eat at NIKUGEN, which is a Yakiniku restaurant. They just opened their new store in Roppongi. We got a chance to experience the food and style of the restaurant before other people were able to ^^
 The food was of course good. You can't really go wrong with Yakiniku. We were given a course and I was quite satisfied with the amount of food that came. We got many different kinds of meat, as well as a large amount of vegetables. This dish above had avocado and a korean spicy sause like kimchi on it. I thought that was really good.
 The restaurant also has their own wine cellar to chose wine from.

I thought that part was cool....not just cool as in awsome but literally the area when you enter is quite cool in temp too!

Like most Japanese restaurants the staff were exited and happy.
It was me,  MaaikeInJapan and The Uwaga pies that got to check this place out. All together I thought it was fun. I would have made a video but there was too many people in there and the audio wouldn't get through. But If you need to check out some fresh new Yakiniku branch close to Roppongi station why not go here ^^

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