Oct 31, 2016

5 years ago I was ...

 5 years ago this is my halloween costume. My ex husband though it was a cool idea so we both dressed as zombie dead ghost geisha. Got a parasol from Toronto China town, cut holes into it. Bought two fake silk yukata robes and covered them in spiders and blood.

5 years ago is the last year I went trick or treating.

I remember as a kid I used to get bags and bags full. My mom used to make costumes for me, every year. I was a popcorn box, rain cloud, present, cherry tree, bag of leaves. Her costumes were always original. Halloween was my favorite holiday. I won a costume contest one year and got 100$ and 10 free pizzas.
This is my best friend. I knew her since high school, grade 9 math class I turned around to borrow a pencil and she gave it to me. I was super shy. We didn't talk, but somehow, we became friends. Her locker was beside me because she was also in my science and tech class.

She has skipped school with me, transfers schools with me, traveled with me, lived with me twice. We have done it all and seen it all.

Even though we are 14 hour plane rides away, we still are best friends.

I remember every halloween we went trick or treating together. Even when I moved to Toronto, she still came to visit me and I went to visit her.

This is 5 years ago but at the start of that year. Star of 2011. Me and my friend from grade school.

Some of my funniest memories with her are when we used to record videos together at her house in gr 8-9. Prank videos. She had a digital video camera, this is when they just started coming out. We would dress up weird and scare our friends, make these crazy videos.

We would spend weeks at each others house planning weird videos and doing this. It was so fun.

 Lets go back to 7 years ago. This is where I used to work. I was the boss. I had an amazing office space. My desk was amazing. You could hang up pictures, bring your work, bring decors. I had my own slippers and stuff. I wanted to bring a plant but then I left working there.

I remember walking into the office, picking up my head set. Listening to customers voices playing back on our auto recorders. Knowing all departments for our building and all gas and electricity utilities info and numbers memorized.

Best job I had. The best job in Canada. I wish things with that company didn't have to change. People in upper management went downhill.

I wonder what things would be like if things didn't go down hill. Would I be head of the whole floor? Would I be in some other branch? Would I be in same office? Would I have that plant on my desk?

 This is my friend. We met at work. I was really shy in the start but we ended up talking everyday. Laughing. Going on the bus.Going out to eat. Even after she left the company we still kept in touch. I feel really bad because last time I went to Toronto she wanted to see me but I couldn't. I didn't have enough time. The thing that sucks is having to worry about time and getting around. Having only 15 hours in Toronto isn't enough.

 Our world is so small, but when it comes to seeing those people you want to see. Its too big. Its big and far and stretched out. We need more time.

This is 5 years ago now again. 5 years ago just a few days before Halloween. I climbed this tree, took this picture to say "look at me, this is what I used to do as a kid here". I was moving in a few days. Moving to a new city. Tokyo.

Did you know when I moved to Toronto my grandma called me and she said to me

"Mira do you like the big city? You seem to like it more, and you are enjoying life".

I remember telling her. I loved Toronto. I was either gonna live in biggest city in Canada, or biggest city in the world.

Well. I was right.

5 years later.  I am here, Living in Tokyo. The biggest city in the world.
More than 5 years ago, without even having any interest or knowledge that I would be moving to here, I knew it.

5 years ago. I was just a regular Canadian girl.
My fav song was "sexy bitch". My fav club was guverment.
My fav food was beef paddies from islington station
My fav store was abercrombie and fitch.
Fav. Game was COD.
Fav. tv show was family guy.
I had an Iphone 3.
Taro bubble tea.
Jerk Chicken
Ice cap
Pizza poppits
Rice a roni
Clam chowder
Canned fish
Arizona green tea
Coconut water
Ginger beer
Curry goat
Peas and rice
Samosas from rabba
Busses at 2 am, Street cars at 4 am.
Buying go tickets to port credit, but getting off in clarkson.
Buying tickets to the ex, but getting off at Union.
Holding your breath as you go through to the greyhound, between atrium on the bay.
New york fries.
Fries supreme
California rolls
Looking out at the sun rise.
Day light saving time
Skype calls with mom
In the groove
Getting cold. Sun goes down, but at 6pm.
Leaves go away without noticing it.
Then you see pumpkins left and right.
knock knock.
Trick or treat.
5 years ago.
And now......