Sep 17, 2016


I should be sleeping right now. I just got home. I mean plopped on the bed, and while waiting for these pictures to upload, put aloe lotion on my intense sunburns. For some stupid reason I thought, its fall, no need for sun protection :/ Well, now I have a bunch of odd shaped patterns on my skin where the fake tattoos and stickers I had were....

Anyway. My first ULTRA
DAY 1!

I wanted to go to ultra 2 years ago, but I actually didn't even know about ULTRA till 1.5 weeks after it happened. I wanted to see my fav. DJ, MARTIN GARRIX!.

The next year, he didn't play so I didn't bother.
The second the lineup was released I bought the advanced tickets for Saturday....To only find out months later by my coworker, EVERYDAY IS DIFFERENT LINEUP!! Martin doesn't play Saturday, he plays Monday. I had to buy more tickets..

So today the main star was DJ snack and Deadmau5. I am going to walk you through today's "happenings" as we call them in Japanese before I forget everything as I pass out from over exhaustion and dehydration.

The LINE : The line was large, but moved fast, I wasn't in the line more than 35 mins, well, the official line. :/  You see, my ticket was actually detached because I was clumsy, found out at the gate I had to go around to a tent for them to check my ticket. THAT line was 6 people ahead of me and took 40 mins!  Finally I get in.

The layout : It was nice. There was lots of VIP areas where you could walk by and wish you had VIP. You could sit in the park area, grass or on the pavement.

The food: The food....was lacking. There wasn't so much options other than fired chicken, meat on sticks, pizza. The pizza was good, but later in the night I had hot dog and fries. The fries were SO BAD. They were cold! I took a bite and said no, I went back and asked them to re-heat them. I never am one to complain about food, but this was non-edible cold. Its like they were cooked hours ago...They remade them but even then the taste was so so. The hot dog was also quite gross.

A man tried to cheat me out 100yen (1$) change! : I ordered two waters. They cost 400 yen together, I handed the guy 1000 yen bill, and was supposed to get 600 yen back. He picked up a 500 yen coin and a 100 yen coin, and voiced "heres 600yen back", but he placed the money into my hand, holding onto the 100yen coin, then putting it back in the cash!!!!!!!!!!! I was shocked. I mentioned right 100yen and he said sorry, and looked embarrassed or shocked like my bad, you caught me. :/ Its not even as if it was accident. It was weird. Not often in Japan doest this happen, but the typical "hey heres the wrong change , lets see if you notice" scam happens sometimes even in other countries.

STUPID smoking idiot in the crowd: Some English speaking people were in the middle of the crowd crouching down, SMOKING!!. Its not allowed. Theres a smoking area in the middle of the main stage. Its not just to prevent others from smelling it, its to prevent burning people!! which is far more likely than anything else. Thousands of people bumping and grinding, its no telling when someone can come crashing into you. Those idiots put everyone at risk because they are too lazy to obey a simple rule. I gave them the look of shame, and stood there in disgust long enough to over hear their conversation "don't let the Japanese security see you, they strict on rules! they will come down on your ass ~~ blablabla".

ANTI kissing girls:  So you must know theres no culture of PDA here, its quite odd and lots of people don't wanna see. But never have I seen someone voice what I was thinking lol.  Some couple in front of me started making out. The girls beside me said "oh someone is bero chuu -ing". bero chuu is like toung kiss, the image that comes to mind is so gross. They went on about how gross it was. I was surprised, because they actually said it quite loud.

The fashion. So like all Electronic music festivals, you will have people dressed in typical raver, mild raver, EPIC kandi kid, cyber goth and then just crazy stuff.

I never am the one to take pictures with a stranger, but this I needed too!  PIKACHU DEADMAU5!

There was lots of different deadmau5s head costumes walking around, at least 7 different patterns.

Other random costumes I saw was "the gene" from Aladdin, A couple of bananas, Monkey man, A wedding dress girl, bunch of men in thongs, bunch of women in thongs. The most epic was a complete LADY GAGA silver look alike , I swear it looked like lady gaga, the costume was so epic.

Those were the most crazy or original I could remember. The most common pattern was NATIVE NORTH AMERICAN. Of course lots of girls had the stickers which you can buy at most stores, feathers and tribal patterns, but they had warrior paint and headdresses, often tribal looking or islander clothing. I must have seen at least 30 different headdresses.

Then we got the neon sexy bikinis or sexi rave clothes? I don't know how to explain. I wonder where they got it. Plenty of girls walked by in these neon green or yellow or pink outfits that were like little sexi underwear and a bra thats barely a bra lol.

The most common make up was diamonds or other jewels around the eyes, glitter on the cheeks instead of blush or native tribal stripes on face.

THE MUSIC: So the music was good, but deadmau5 should have known his audience, or read the air in his audience a little more. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am sure everyone who loves him loved it. But you could really see the crowd die down too prematurely for the end of the night. He kept repeating similar sounding tunes over and over again, you could see people stop dancing, turn more to playing on their phones or socializing (and I was at the front). A once hard to get to front was now full able to walk to.   The crowd only went YEAAAAA when the lights went from dark for a while to explosions, but then the same tune would play. I didn't stay around long enough to see if he even played his most famous songs.

Well, the whole experience was awesome! but MONDAY! MARTIN GARRIX WILL MAKE JAPAN TURN INTO FKIN ANIMALS!!! DADA DAD ADADA DAD AD ADA  *falls asleep*

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