Nov 2, 2015

Halloween pumpkin treats in Japan

During halloween season in Japan theres lots of cool treats you can find in restaurants, such as this one which was on the 59th floor of Ikebukuro sunshine city . It was actually in a fancy fancy restaurant. I saw this halloween themed treat on the ads downstairs that said it can be found on the 59th floor but in no way was I expecting to walk into this!!

Welcome to the wonderful 
Ocean Casita Italian seafood grill. There were fancy tables facing out this beautiful romantic view over Tokyo. You could sit at the table or sit directly at the window in a small chair.

I couldn't just have the pumpkin desert ^^

I ended up getting REAL

buffalo mozzarella
cheese!! I have never had
the real deal. Most stuff is made with cows milk because the real stuff is expensive.

It was sooo good. Small portion and costs about

2000円 I think. Not too expensive and just enough for a light snack before my
pumpkin snack.

The staff were actually nice. I am not sure if they were empty so gave this or if it was a halloween special they give everyone. Or it was just my lucky day. But at the end they brought me free Expresso with cute pumpkin face and said this is a present ^^

I was super happy ^^

Some of the other treats I seen around are

Halloween cakes!!  I have seen Christmas cakes, because those are common but I have a feeling that Halloween will turn into a cake season ^^ Or at least I hope so. Could you imagine ?? A whole other world of cake decorations!!

Halloween doesn't have trick or treat culture and I doubt it ever will. But the decorations, halloween parties and themed events make halloween in Japan wonderful ^^