Jan 11, 2015

So you want to be a YouTuber?

I get emails all the time from people who are interested in being a YouTuber. It is the most talked about job recently, with more and more people quitting their regular 9-5 job to hit the streets (or their bedrooms for some) and start making some google old ad sense gold ^^.   

With all the success stories who wouldn't want to jump on the band wagon?

1. Don't do it for the money.  Greed and wanting to get rich is no reason to start a YouTube, and chances are you wont even get anywhere with this type of attitude. People are attracted to truly passionate people. If you are not interested in making videos because you think its fun, how to you expect people to be interested in watching? 

2. Don't just do it to do it.  I have met so many people who say they want to become a YouTuber, yet don't even have any idea what they want to make videos about. This is a big flag that you are not even meant to be a YouTuber. Us YouTubers become YouTubers because we already have something we want to share with the world. If you don't have any ideas, theres no reason to attempt to do the impossible. It is as silly as opening a store and having no idea what you will sell in it.

3. Don't spam promote yourself. One thing people hate is "hey look at me, check me out" crap. The people whos videos you are commenting on will look down on you, the people who see your comment will look low of you and in the end you will be flagged as spam and your comments wont show up anywhere.  Getting viewers is not something that will happen over night, heck it took me over a year to get 5000 subs. Growing isn't something that you should be worried about, its good content and having fun. Remember, if you are making YouTube videos because you have some dream plan to be famous, you are doing it for the wrong reasons.

4. Don't be a leach.  Lots of people do it, some channels make a living off it. Putting bigger YouTubers names or even celebrities names in their video titles to attract tons of views. This trade is very poor, tacky and these types of people who do it are the ones I despise the most. There are two types of people in the YouTube world, those who make videos. And those who make responses to those videos and put the YouTubers name in the title so search engines pick up on it and they get some extra views. Sure you could take this road, if you are in it for the money, and in the end steal some subs. But what you lose is moral respect from those YouTubers and don't gain any value at all.  In all honesty, I have more respect for people who sell their bodies on YouTube for views, at least they are not selling someone elses.

5. Prepare for hate comments. Everyone gets them. The more you get, the more people love you. It is important to not waste your time with the hate comments. Normal people know people spend their time focusing on someone they dislike, because they are jealous and have no life. Normal people who dislike something ignore it and don't pay any mind to it. Haters will follow your every move just like fans do, except they complain. Theres a button for them, its called the block and delete button. Just ignore them and keep moving on your day. They wont go away, but just because they wont go away doesn't mean you have to waste your time on them.

6. Invest your time. If you don't invest your own time into replying to comments, making thumbnail pictures, properly editing your videos, re-recording, making sure the quality is good, getting a good camera, fixing your audio etc. Don't expect people to take the time to watch your videos or stick around. The more you invest in this and the more passionate you are about it. The more people will respect you and in the end it will pay off.