Nov 18, 2014

The hard stuff about making friends in Japan

Sorry ladies and gents. I have been busy out with my friends, traveling, busy editing so many videos that I have not made a blog in a long long time.

I would like to talk about making friends in Japan.

Starting off with how to make friends in Japan. It is almost like making friends in another country really, you go out, talk to people and get their social network contact info to keep in touch. Pretty straight forward.

The big thing you will have a problem with in Japan is 

A. keeping those friends
B. having to say goodbye to friends who leave the country.

The first one is surprisingly more tricky than at least Canada. In Japan, you will find a lot of people just stop contacting you due to busy with work, they get married and become busy, or they were never really that close to you from the start and slowly "stop knowing you".

This is a feeling I never noticed in Canada so much. Its not that it doesn't happen, its just that in Japan you will notice this much more than you would in your home land. This problem can only be avoided to an extent. No matter how much contact you keep with someone, the effort you make on your side, how available you are it will always be in the hands of the other person as well right.

Having friends leave the country is one of the most painful feelings. It has been described as other foreigners as having a funeral to your friends. Making friends with other foreigners is fun. I have no discrimination between the place you were born and the status of your residence here, so I will become friends with anyone who is a cool person. The sad thing is knowing that a lot of people don't stay in Japan... and I have made friends with a lot of people who are currently about to leave. It is the worst feeling I have ever felt.

The only way to avoid this is not become friends with people who are not staying forever. But then you are missing out on the wonderful relationships that you can develop with them. I don't see it as a waste of time that I got to know so many people who will split off and part from here. Heck, gives me a chance to travel and an excuse. 

Just prepare yourself when making friends in Japan that these are two problems that you might come across. Make sure you have a little extra money saved to visit your extended families across the globe. 


  1. What you describe is like friendships on G+, lol

  2. I don't know if it's cultural differences or just me or something, but all that can happen in my home country, too. People can be busy with different things... and for the saying goodbye to friends who leave the country, well that can happen too. Like when they move much further away, even if it's inside the country... I don't share the view of it being one of the most painful feelings, in fact if it was my life would be a real walk in the park compared to what it's now, but I suppose different people experience different things in different ways.

  3. Making friends in Japan is quite difficult, but once you manage to make it work, it's amazing. i find that it's a lot more difficult to make friends with fellow foreigners than it is with Japanese people, especially if you're female. There always seems to be this unspoken competition going on! But in any case, I agree that despite all the difficulties, it shouldn't be something people run from.

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