Nov 27, 2012

The shibuya gaijin sex seeker

This happened a few weeks ago but I decided to tell the story. I decided to draw a picture of this guy so that you can almost picture what is going on. Enjoy.

So here we have someone who I will call 'the Shibuya Gaijin sex seeker'.  Me and my friend, D-chan were hanging outside of shibuya station getting ready to go home. Along came this English speaking Japanese freak guy. He said he was bored because his friends had to go home (or they probably escaped from his ass)

My friend D-chan knew something was up, she kept whispering to me "he looks dirty lets get out of here". Of course I didn't want to be rude and just leave so suddenly (I am not the type of person to just do those things).

We really didn't want to hang out with him so instead I said we would hang out another day (lie) and maybe we would come back later (lie). We said this to make our escape seem less blunt and obvious, if he was a crazy person or something maybe we thought he would get angry if we directly said we didn't want to hang out with him. This person also wasn't very good at understanding the atmosphere (kuuki yomenai hito), as you say in Japanese.

We left and went somewhere else and sat down playing on our phones for a while before we went home. We didn't see him again.

However, suddenly a few days later I got a email from someone on my phone. I thought it was very strange because I don't know how he got my email. Thinking about it he must have seen it at some point where I opened my phone. My email is really short and easy to remember, so he must have seen it when we were talking to him, or he must have followed us and seen it when we were sitting down!!

He didn't seem like a creep at the time, but rather just someone who wanted to keep up his English skills (which I am not interested in hanging out with). I kept ignoring him and telling him I was busy, hoping he would go away. I didn't want to tell him directly that I wasn't interested because something my personality can't do. Instead I hoped he would understand by my words that I wasn't interested (which he never understood).

About a month later, he was still insisting on meeting me, so one evening I finally said fine. Maybe I thought I shouldn't judge him so much, maybe he is a nice person. Its not like I had anything better to do that evening and after all if he ends up being a creep, at least I get a free meal. :/

I told him IF he wanted to hang out with me, he only has 3 hours till my ex husband comes home. He had to come ALL the way to my end of town (2 hour train away from him). I thought if I gave him these cercumstances, he wouldn't want to bother.

But he agreed. And this is how the evening went,

"Are you thirsty, Shall we get something to drink??"

Yes, I nodded. I wondered where he would take me for a drink. Maybe Starbucks since it is the closest drink store.

.....oh whats that...We enter McDonald's... Oh ok. I guess I can get a Cola...

"Oh....McDonald's water...oh you shouldn't have"...(should have just told me to drink out of a tap in the bathroom while you wait for me outside!)

Next he lead me to a rock where we could sit and talk. We started talking about how I got to Japan and other chit chat.

We were just talking about traveling, when suddenly he asked to see my hand. This was his stupid corny way of saying he wanted to hold my hand. 

"Sorry. I am not interested in displaying public affection. You fucking creep!"

I was shocked that he was so quick to advance on me, in public too!.  I mean trying to hold someones hand you just met and someone who was married. Our previous conversations had no reason for him to believe that I was interested in anything with him.

He began to ask me questions about himself 'do I think he is cool/handsome etc'. I kept giving him the cold shoulder, telling him It didn't matter and that I was only interested in making friends. I kept making it very obvious that I wasn't interested in speaking about these kinds of things, then changing the subject to something else.

The next part of the situation, I can't even believe this happened.

Is this guy crazy or something? Who ever mentioned sex? We went from him, trying to hold me hand, to me rejecting that and telling him I wasn't interested at all. Then he tried to sell me the opportunity to sleep with him. I told him I was married and not interested at all, expressing full on confusion as to why the even would mention such things. The last thing he said was something like this.

"I know you are probably just used to Japanese guys flopping around on top of you for 1 min till they are done, But I always make sure I take time to satisfy the girl before I satisfy myself...."

*Mira stairs* (omg is this idiot actually saying this?)

He then proceeds to tell me that all Japanese girls meet him and want to sleep him (yeah, I highly doubt that).  If there are actual girls that sleep with this crazy freak, I am sure they are hookers.

I had no idea what to say to him. I had no idea if I should leave now. It was too entertaining at this point. The whole time I was thinking I can't wait to tell my friends about this weirdo!.  I couldn't even believe someone could be so aggressive and upfront about things even after being rejected so many times. I couldn't stop laughing in my head.

Since he was getting nowhere he decided to try to impress me by taking me to karaoke so he could rape me. I at first rejected it telling him straight up,

"If we go inside, I am still not going to kiss you".

He insisted that he wasn't interested in kissing me if I just wanted to be friends and he just wanted to hear me sing. He said he wont bother to hit on me anymore and he begged me for just one song. I thought what the hell, might as well.

When we got inside I showed no interest in him but only interest in the songs and singing. It only took him another 5 mins of the night to realise he was not getting some action (Slow or what?). After he realised I wasn't going to give him any loving, he stopped talking, refused to sing and eventually he CANCELED the karaoke (so now we only have 30 mins to sing instead of hour he originally requested). What a baby. I told him before and during that I wasn't interested, yet he kept trying.

As soon as he did that I told him I have to go home. He insisted on following me back to my station which I rejected. I made it very obvious that I wasn't interested in him. I was acting angry and cold at him. When it was time for him to part and get on his train he even attempted to kiss me goodbye but I ducked away, then he tryed to hug me (eww).   As soon as he left I pulled out my phone and called up D-chan telling her all about what just happened.

He tried to contact me a few times after but I ignored so he gave up (finally).

Nov 23, 2012

The gaijin nose

I once saw the gaijin nose in a advertisement, which can be found on youtube in this video.

It is a commercial for some sort of travel company in Japan that shows a scene of a couple on the beach. They state either that the building they are looking at looks like it comes from the 外国 gaikoku (foreign country), or they say it looks like they live in the foreign land (My Japanese is not perfect).

Then it just gets ignorant and offensive. The next frame you can see them wearing blond wigs and the gaijin nose, speaking in a stereotypical foreign accent of someone who can't speak Japanese and say 'Tomorrow we should go to the onsen'.

Its not surprising that Japan has commercials or advertisements that are offencive to a certain ethnic group. Like the many racist ads that have come out in the English speaking word, from Nike, KFC, McDonald's  etc.

One day I found this in ドンキホーテ (DONKIHOOTE - a store) when I was shopping for a Halloween costume. It kind of shocked me that they are still selling this crap. The ad originally came out years ago and it seems this stupid toy doesn't go away.

A huge ass ugly nose and two paper sticker unnaturally blue florescent eyes (Clearly alien eyes).

If you can't read Japanese it says ハーイ外国人デス  haai gaikokujin desu (Hey, I am foreigner).

Aside from the fact that its offencive and stupid. What kind of idiot would even buy this or wear it?

Does anyone actually buy this??

Here is another toy (of similar nature) that either came from America or the UK (I am not sure).  I wonder if the Japanese creators of the foreigner toy got their idea from this?

Nov 18, 2012

The many Japanese Kit Kat flavors

Recently my boyfriend went on a business trip to Hiroshima and when he asked me what omiyage お土産 (souvenir) he should bring back for me, I quickly replied KIT KATS! ヾ(◉ฺ∀◉ฺ。)

Now why in the world would I want someone to bring me back Kit Kats on a trip back from another city? Well the reason is, In Hiroshima you can find the limited edition region only kit kats (different flavors!).

If you don't already know, Japan ranks number 1 in most variety of flavors of many things (Pepsi, Kit Kat). In Canada, we are lucky if we get a new flavor of Doritos every few years. However in Japan a new flavor comes out almost every month.

             Ice cucumber pepsi                                   Wasabi Kit Kat

The constant change of flavors can be a good thing and a bad thing. Its good that you look forward to a new flavor to try, it keeps the buyers hungry. On the downside it makes it hard to get flavors that you really love, because they are limited edition. This is called kikan gentei 期間限定.

Not only as a whole country do the flavors change, but certain flavors are only available in different areas of the country (Thats why I asked him to get me Hiroshima Kit Kat bars).

                       Golden citrus blend (mikan, lemon and sudachi)

Kit Kats are so popular in Japan to give away as gifts, that they are available at most air ports. So its actually not abnormal to receive a special region only kit Kat bar as a omiyage.

In Japan there are more than 200 different flavors of Kit Kat bar, some interesting ones include,

Azuki bean

Aloe Vera yogurt 


Soy sauce

These flavors might sound shocking and strange to you (soy sauce?! how can that be good right?). As strange as some of the flavors might sound, they are not all that bad. A lot of the strange flavors are actually quite good, but it really depends on your tongue.

Doritos in Japan also has their fair share of interesting flavors. Here we have coconut curry flavor.

If you didn't already know karee カレー (curry) is very popular in Japan. It is as part of Japanese cuisine as spaghetti is part of American cuisine.

In Canada, Many people have never even tried curry, yet claim that it is disgusting.
カレーはちょー美味しい何言ってんの? (curry is delicious, wtf are you saying?)

Don't knock it till you try it guys ^^.

Nov 15, 2012

My first few months in Japan

I never really made a video or talked about my first few months in Japan. I was too busy enjoying my time (and I didn't have a properly camera) so I couldn't make many videos of what I did. I did take a lot of pictures thought that I thought I should share with you guys.

The first thing I did in Japan (thankfully) is get my hair cut at a REAL hairdresser. In my whole life, I have never been to a real hair dresser. I have been to a person who cuts hair, but that person is shit not skilled. In Canada, just about anyone off the street can work as a hairdresser. I mean sure there are good beauty salons (for Canadian standards), but when it comes to Japan, Japan ranks number 1 in hair care.

My ex-husbands friend was a biyoushi 美容師 (hair dresser) so I was lucky enough to get a discount. In Japan getting your hair cut may seem expensive to foreigners, as in countries like Canada (where a haircut can cost as little as 5$) are not used to paying extra for care on their bodies. In Japan, people care in detail about their hair. Hair is considered the important part and something that should be handled by professionals. This is the main reason why 99% of people get their hair cut at a professional, and 95% of people will dye their hair at a professional.

Its hard to understand how truly amazing my hair became after the transformation. Before my hair had dead ends, dry, frizzy, terrible un-even style...just hidoi ひどい (terrible) . We only paid 6000円 ($60) for the package, which included washing, dyeing, straightening, cutting, treatment and styling. The REAL total was actually 2万6000円 ($260) .

When I first arrived in Japan I staid with my ex-parents in law in their house for 5 months of hell.  It was a nice area, close to a very popular train station, and I could see fujisan from the living room window every morning and evening.

The very first friend I made in Japan is this girl here. Shes actually married to the biyoushi that cut my hair. She has a 3 year old son who is very cute. She also is a professional nail artist. (Since I got divorced) I no longer talk to her anymore but we had lots of fun together. If you can see the watch she is wearing, that is called GAGA MIRANO ガガミラノ and its a fucking expensive brand of watch that I really want. I have decided that someday I will actually go out and buy it (once I save up $3000 T-T) .

When coming to Japan everything seemed so new and fresh. Everything became interesting. I wanted to take pictures of almost every building that I passed. I am sure this a feeling that everyone gets when they move here, but I can assure you its a feeling that fades (to a extent) .

The last picture I will leave you with is the first Japanese restaurant that I went to. This is the first time I ate cold soba (and the last time). I HATE cold noodles. I knew before I even tried the cold soba that I would not like it.  Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE soba, but I hate cold soba. In Japan, in the summer time it is common to eat things that are supposed to be hot, cold.

Nov 13, 2012

Yes, I cook normal Japanese food

One of the most annoying things I have experienced in Japan is constantly getting the same reaction as to the type of food I cook at home. When I used to work for the English cafe, I would get customers asking personal questions about what I do in my daily life. When the topic of food was brought up, they would always ask

'What kind of food do you cook?'

'Normal, Regular food, Same as you'

'Like what?'

'Sunomono, Oden, Kiriboushi daikon'...(Not even able to finish naming these items)'

'へーすごいゎ WOW!!'
'日本人みたい Just like a Japanese' *(whispers to person next to them)*

No matter how hard I try, I can't understand why they are soooo surprised to hear I cook Japanese food (I LIVE IN JAPAN). It should be expected that I cook Japanese food (shouldn't it?).

Their reaction is always exactly the same (which gets boring and annoying after a while) so sometimes I play around with them a bit.

Instead of naming of regular Japanese food, I list of food from Okinawa. Surprisingly their response generally changes to,

'You must like Okinawa'

Its interesting because Okinawa is part of Japan, yet I guess cooking Okinawan food doesn't make me look like a Japanese person (Do Tokyo people not consider Okinawa part of Japan?)

After hearing the responses from this story that I made up I decided to continue this study and see what other responses I would get. The next day when they asked me, I mentioned Pizza, Spaghetti, Sausage and Cheese. These are all foods that they eat in Canada and America, so it seems that it would be an normal response from a typical Canadian person.

'Oh sounds good! I love Italian food'
'I thought she was from Canada' *(whispers to person next to them)*

They don't know that these foods are most common to eat in Canada too? I mean, sure its Italian food, but its also widely eaten in Canada. I wonder what they even think Canadian people eat?  (What is Canadian food?) Canada doesn't even have its own food. If it does, I don't know about it.


In Canada the food may vary depending on the location (Canada is huge) and family. In general though, the most common dishes include  Pizza, Spaghetti, Hamburgers, Chicken, Soup, Fish, Corn (and other veggies), Tacos, Cabbage rolls, Pierogies and French fries. (Just naming a few).

Foods that originated from Canada are

Maple syrup : First harvested from Maple trees by the Native people of Canada.

Poutine: Originated from Quebec (the french part of Canada) but is commonly found in Ontario and surrounding provinces (I am not sure about western Canada if they eat this). This is a dish made form Fries covered in gravy and chunks of cheese.

Butter tart: (I had no idea this was Canadian) Is a tart full of a mixture of butter sugar and syrup, usually topped with nuts.


Getting back on track here..

I think what are the two main things Canada is known for in Japan. Snow and Maple syrup.

'I eat lots of snow covered in maple syrup.'

'Ohh I would love to try Canadian food'
'カナダ人だからね Because shes a Canadian eh!' 
*(blurts out to the people around)*

*Palm face*

Japanese sushi VS western sushi

Many Japanese people that I have met that have traveled to Canada and abroad always claim that 'Japanese sushi is FAR better'.  This is a statement I really don't like, the reason being is I know there is no right or wrong answer in this situation. It is all based off opinion and personal experience.

I mean, all TAKOYAKI that I have ate in Japan so far is shit, but I am not going to go out on a limb and say 'Canadian takoyaki is far better than Japanese'.

The main things that are different when it comes to sushi are,

- How people eat it
- The cost (duh)
- Different varieties available

In Japan, It is less likely to find such sushi types such as California rolls, New york rolls, Spider maki, Dynamite rolls, Crispy tuna, Spicy tuna and so on. These are western inventions and are not common in Japan (but can be found).

In Japan, sushi restaurants don't usually sell all the extras such as Tempura and udon noodles like most western restaurants do. In Western sushi restaurants it is usually a mix of other Japanese foods packed into one (and sometimes its a Japanese/Korean restaurant, or even worse, No-named-random-Asian-mix-invention restaurant where the dishes are all mixed origin and usually just labeled as 'asian food').

In Japan, its traditional to eat sushi with your hands (still practiced today in some traditional style restaurants or by some people), but in the west this is generally considered rude.  Oppositely, In western countries it is fairly normal to pick up tempura and eat it with your hand (This is a no-no in Japan).

Another no-no in Japan is dipping UNAGI SUSHI or INARIZUSHI in soysauce. In western countries theres no rules or tradition as to how you eat your Japanese food. In Japan, items that already have sauce on it are not supposed to be dipped. Part of the reason is due to the fact that the sauce will mix with your soysauce (causing you to explode) and the other part is it is just not the way things are supposed to be done. These sushi are supposed to be eaten SONO MAMA そのまま (The way it is).

As for quality of fish, that really depends on where you go. Its ignorant for people to say that Japanese sushi is better, because in Japan (like other countries) they get their fish from all around (not just Japan) so its unlikely the person who is eating the fish even knows where it came from.

As for my Canadian experience, the larger cities will have the better sushi. Toronto has plenty of great sushi restaurants. I believe that the smaller cities (such as Sudbury, Ontario), have less access to good ingredients thus the sushi there usually tastes like shit is of less quality.

Nov 12, 2012

Why I started youtube

I actually have been a active youtube user since 2005. I had three different youtube accounts with 3 completely different types of activity going on.

My first account was for what I like to call 'music videos', which were just cover dance videos of me. I made three videos that gained a total of a million views. I stopped uploading videos once youtube didn't allow me to upload anymore because of COPYRIGHT violations (This is when I first learnt you can't even use someones song, even if you are not selling it T_T  ).   So I deleted that account and moved on.

The other accounts I made were different RANT video accounts, where I would complain about controversial topics (abortion, Asian penis size, racism).  I also deleted that account because nobody is interested in hearing a teen complain about random issues.

Once I was going to move to Japan with my boyfriend (whom is now my ex-husband) I thought I should start up a youtube account and make J-vlog videos about Japan (after all, that's what everyone else is doing). I really think its important to share information with other people who are interested in the same topic. I mean, watching J-vlog videos helped prepare me to go to Japan, So I thought they would for sure help other people.

So here I am now, 1 year later and still making videos. I am truly happy that my thoughts about why I should make youtube videos came true. I constantly get emails and comments from my viewers thanking me for sharing my stories. I am glad to know that my videos and information help other people. I hope when those people come to Japan, that they also do the same and help future generations of fellow travelers.